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Sevana, largest manufacturer of packaging machines in the country, Our commitment to innovation, quality, support made us the leaders. Sevana has a comprehensive range of packaging machines including pouch-sealing...

Product & Services

Allied Equipments

Conveyors, Elevators, Inspection Systems, Metal Detectors, Vibro Screens, Hair Remover,Platform Vibrator,Pouch Insertion Mechanism etc.

Harvesting Machines Harvesting Machines

SEPACK offer both Single men and two men operated Tea Harvesting Machines.

Elevators Elevators

"Z" Elevator, Vertical Bucket Elevator

Inspection conveyors (Horizontal) Inspection conveyors (Horizontal)

Blending Drum Blending Drum

Vibro Screens

Vibro Screens are Sieving Machines designed on the principle of

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Platform Vibrators are used for pre settling of the products before final packing. This is being widely used in conjuction with b

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Hair & Light Particle removers are used for removing Hair & other lighter foreign particles from nuts,

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