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Sevana, largest manufacturer of packaging machines in the country, Our commitment to innovation, quality, support made us the leaders. Sevana has a comprehensive range of packaging machines including pouch-sealing...

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Technology and expertise, based on Your products

Technology and expertise, based on Your products
Sevana believes an industry-oriented approach is the trail to success and the finest way to serve our customers rather than merely marketing a catalog of machines.
Our specialists keep updated with advanced and state-of-art equipment with market conditions, regulations and technology, as well as with the latest research and development in your industry. As a result, we are able to deliver the right product/solution with your precise needs rather than offering generic resolutions.
This Sevana website is a “virtual trade show”, allowing you to have a first look at our packaging machinery, coders, feeders and packaging materials that meet your requirements more precisely. We cordially invite you to have a look at the products and solutions and get in touch with us.

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