Sevana, Your packaging partner!

Sevana, largest manufacturer of packaging machines in the country, Our commitment to innovation, quality, support made us the leaders. Sevana has a comprehensive range of packaging machines including pouch-sealing...


Sevana Group, based in Cochin, Kerala, India - comprises various manufacturing companies in diverse fields. These companies are into manufacturing packaging machines, medical disposables, instrumentation and control panels, domestic appliances and tools, agro products, engineering and research, all of them attained very high market penetration and command an enviable market share in their field.
The Sevana way of decentralized manufacturing is considered the appropriate model for industrial development in countries like India where mass production should be achieved
by involving masses and if possible not by expensive manpower eliminating production techniques. Eminent economists and industrialists consider this as a suitable model for industrialization in our part of the world.

The Sevana Group attach lot of importance to our unchanging values of business ethics, Quality, Service and Reliability. Continuous efforts for innovation and closer customer interaction have enabled the Group to achieve the present leading edge and acceptance in it's market segments.
Group of companies
  • Sevana Electrical Appliances Pvt Ltd
  • Waves Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Trades & Services Pvt Ltd
  • Low Heat Driers Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Medineeds Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Toys Pvt Ltd
  • Polyguards Equipments & Tools Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Agro Products Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Engineering Research Centre Pvt Ltd
  • Sevana Packaging Systems Pvt Ltd