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Sevana, largest manufacturer of packaging machines in the country, Our commitment to innovation, quality, support made us the leaders. Sevana has a comprehensive range of packaging machines including pouch-sealing...

Vacuum Packaging Machines Vacuum Packaging Machines

List of Vacuum Packaging Machines

Shrink Wrapping Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping Systems by Sevana

Sealers Sealers

Types of sealing machine

Coding Machines Coding Machines

Weighers & Fillers Weighers & Fillers

Secondary Packaging Machines Secondary Packaging Machines

Wrapping , Carton sealing / Taping , Strapping machines

Consumables Consumables

Allied Equipments Allied Equipments

Conveyors, Elevators, Inspection Systems, Metal Detectors, Vibro Screens, Hair Remover,Platform Vibrator,Pouch Insertion Mechanism etc.

QuickDry - Dryers QuickDry - Dryers

Sevana's agri dryers are micro controller based hi-tech energy efficient dryers which specifically takes the character of the products into consideration.

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Technology and expertise, based on Your products

What's New What's New

Showcase of New Launches by Sevana

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