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Message from the Managing Director



Quo Vadis? or ‘where are you going’ in Latin. This is one question that I often ask myself. Are we doing ‘enough’ for our customers, who after all make us what we are? This leads to another question. What’s ‘doing enough’ for the customer and thereby, for us too? The answer is just one word. Innovate. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

 At Sevana, customer-centric innovation is a constant process. Moreover, the innovations we create are a fusion of global standards and appropriate technology. We have found that the machines need greater ‘state-of-art with better innovations, facilitating appropriate technology. For ease of use  rugged quality which delivers excellence across some of the toughest conditions of a varied canvass that’s India. Hence, while we are integrating IoT and Digital Intelligence into our machines, we are also incorporating user-friendly features for ease of operation by average worker on the factory floor. This is the prime focus of our innovations.

 We also believe that success doesn't necessarily come from cutting-edge innovation. It comes  from flawless execution of the same for the ultimate benefit of our customers. This mindset has made us the only Indian manufacturer of digitally intelligent vacuum packaging machines and shrink tunnels matching European standards. Even as these intelligent workhorses deliver top-of-the-line performance, we continue to innovate. And the key to create these path-breaking innovation is the passion to challenge the obvious and break rules. This we do every day in search for providing better customer experience. This is because we believe that we are not innovative enough and never will be. To explain it better, I quote William Pollard: “Leaning and innovation go hand in hand…the arrogance of success (of innovation process) is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow” 

For us, tomorrow does not exist, it begins today. 


Warm Regards,
Bijoy Philipose, Managing Director,
Sevana Electrical Appliances Pvt Ltd