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Sevana's fully automatic side-sealer QS 5545 SSA is ideal for high speed, providing excellent performance. The complete system consists of a fully automatic side-sealing machine and a separate heat shrink tunnel.Speed of the system is up to 20 to 30 packs per minute depending on the product size and film. The machine is fully automatic and an operator is only required for loading packets, monitoring and film changing.Sevana's fully automatic side-sealer QS 5545 SSA uses center folded Polyolefin film. In this machine a conveyor feeds the product into the film. The side sealing is continuous. The machine measures the length of the product using sensor and the

sealing jaws operate automatically to perform sealing.After the bag is sealed, it is automatically conveyed into a heat shrink tunnel where film shrinking takes place and the skin tight

wrap is produced. The film which is trimmed off during the packaging process is automatically wound up on a waste film take-up reel.

Sevana's fully automatic side-sealer QS 5545 SSA has a microprocessor based user interface and has a PLC based back-end.

Sevana's machines have added features of preset programs, error display, total count, day count, count of damaged packs etc.

  •  Fully automatic
  • Side sealing 
  • Microprocessor based 
  • Preset programs 
  • Digital display 
  • Pre-settable product counters 
  • Error display   
  • Waste film take-up
  • Friction conveyor


Technical Data QS 5545SSB  
 Machine dimensions(L*W*H)mm 1680x975x1500  
 Working height (mm)  800+50  
 Cross seal bar length  450  
 Conveyor speed (m/min)  20  
 Packing speed (packs/minute) (maximum)                  30-40  
 Sealing system  Hot bar  
 Voltage/ Frequency (V/Hz)  240/50  
 Power (W)  4000  
 Air supply  (kg/cm)  6-8  
 Suitable film  POF  


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