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 A light weight and portable sealing unit Sevana's Tong sealer is available in two variants. Impulse sealing model for practically all types of heat sealable materials and hot bar sealing model for laminated or metallic/metallized pouches

  • Portable tong sealing unit can be taken to the object to be sealed
  • Sealing possible at difficult angles
  • Provision for belt; to suspend from shoulder or ceiling
  • Ideal for sealing heavy plastic bags, mattresses, machinery, etc
  • Adjustable electronic timer
  • Visual indication during sealing
  • Audio indication at the end of sealing
Technical Data   QS400T QS400TH
 Machine dimensions (mm)      
  Base unit     250x140x175 NA
  Tong unit 525x350x215       525x350x255
Sealing type   Impulse Hotbar
Sealing length (mm)   400 400
Sealing width (mm)   3 12
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)   240/50 240/50
Power (w)   450 130
Weight   8.5 4.5


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