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Economy Shrink Tunnel models QS4020DSTV,QS4525DSTV are cost effective shrink tunnels with various features . PVC, POF shrink films can be used with this machine. This model is suitable for medium production capabilities. These shrink tunnels can be used in combination with L-sealers or other wrapping equipment. Shrink wrapping protects your product against scratches, dust, pilferage, bundle your product or give it some extra gloss with a strong, tight, tamper evident over-wrap.

  • Digital display
  • Chamber height adjustment
  • Finned heaters
  • Microprocessor based
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • One touch shut down
  • Castor wheels with locks
  • Heat guard


Technical Data QS4020DSTV QS4525DSTV
Window width (mm) 400 450
Window height (mm) 200 250
Maximum packet size (mm) 500x350x180 500x400x230
Maximum product weight (kg) 10 10
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)            655x690x940 655x690x940
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 415/50/3Phase        415/50/3Phase       
Power (W) 6500 0-10
Conveyor length (mm) 1150 1150
Conveyor speed (m/min) 0-10 0-10
Conveyor height (mm) 800 800
Conveyor  rod pitch (mm) 30 30
Chamber length (mm) 710 710
Weight (kg) 91 91
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