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Manual L-Sealers are a cost effective L-Sealing solution for wrapping using Polyolefin (POF)film.The sealers are equipped with film separator cum product placement table and pouch puncturing device. The magnetic hold- down mechanism helps reduce operator fatigue.The L-Sealer can be used in combination with sevana’s shrink Tunnels.

  • Round element.
  • Adjustable platform height to accommodate varying package size.
  • Film separator.
  • Film roll stand.
  • Film puncturing device.
  • Magnetic latch to reduce operator's fatigue
Technical Data QS5060L  
 Sealing length(mm)       500X600  
 Voltage (V/Hz) 240/50  
 Power(W) 1200  
 Machine length(mm) 1490  
 Machine with(mm) 700  
 Machine height(mm)                      1050  
 Machine weight(kg) 100  
 Film puncturing Yes  
 Mounting Floor Mounted   


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