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Every company has a personality which makes it stand apart from the crowd. This is reflected by the passion of its team, from top to bottom. For Sevana, its innovation. Yes, everyone at Sevana is driven by the excitement and the adrenaline flow of creating next generation packaging machines with cutting-edge innovations which we can be proud of. read more The focus is on providing the best range of vacuum packing solutions with state-of-art, yet practical, innovations to our clients. So, what makes the critical difference? Well, every organization dedicated to innovation as their core brand equity has a strategy to innovate. At Sevana, the drive is to provide ‘total innovation’ for developing truly state-of-art products. This requires excellent understanding of latest technologies and also skill to innovate and integrate them in machines at every level. Like incorporating sensor controlled sealing perfection as a part of digital intelligence and microprocessor based vacuum packing technology. The focus of innovation was stretched beyond the vacuum chambers to take into account every aspect of packaging. That’s total innovation for us.